Offshore Inland/DeepFlex Production Facility

Project Description

DeepFlex, in partnership with current Port Pensacola tenant Offshore Inland, is constructing a 108,000 square foot facility on Port Pensacola to   manufacture all composite and hybrid unbonded flexible pipe used in global subsea oil and gas production environment.  As the world's only manufacturer of unbonded nonmetallic pipe for deepwater applications, the patented DeepFlex products are lighter, cost less to install, and do not suffer the corrosive effects of a harsh environment.

The new facility under construction at he Port will have direct access to the existing deep water quayside, and is strategically located for access to serve the flexible pipe markets in the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Europe, and Asian regions. The state-of-the-art manufacturing and qualification testing facility will create job opportunities in excess of 200 direct jobs and make a significant contribution to the City's industrial and business growth.

The facility will have the capability of producing the complete product range of DeepFlex flexible pipes, including the all composite reinforced pipe structures and the hybrid (composite and steel) reinforced pipe. The manufacturing site has been designed to allow for future expansion to support for the growing deepwater markets as well as for ever increasing product complexity.

Construction of the facility and outside staging and laydown areas is expected to be completed by the summer of 2016. Actual production is estimated to begin later in 2016 into 2017. Overall capital investment of the project will be in excess of $50,000,000. 

Current Status

Establishment of an offshore submersible pipe manufacturing plant at the Port of Pensacola by Offshore Inland Marine and their business partner DeepFlex is currently on hold due to the extended depression in the offshore oil market.

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$50 million
Total estimated capital investment 
New jobs that will be created

May 2016
Estimated facility construction completion date

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Port of Pensacola
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