City Government

  1. Newsroom

    News and information from the City of Pensacola and its various departments, divisions, and enterprises.

  2. Office of the Mayor

    The Mayor serves as the executive branch of the City government.

  3. City Council

    Get details about the City Council, their responsibilities, and when they meet.

  4. Boards & Commissions

    Information about the City's various boards and commissions.

  5. Laws & Finances

    Review the City's charter, code of ordinances, annual budget documents, and other financial reports.

  6. Sunshine Center

    Your one-stop center for public records and government transparency.

  7. Departments & Divisions

    Find out about your city's day-to-day operations and the services provided to you.

  8. Projects & Progress

    Projects and progress on many of the initiatives and improvements happening around the City.

  9. Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)

    Learn about what the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is accomplishing in Pensacola communities.

  10. Enterprises

    Information about the City of Pensacola's enterprise operations.

  11. Staff Directory

    Review the directory of City staff members and their contact information.